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Code SQ
Series Analog 4-20mA
Protection IP65
Brand TE
Datasheet Pressure Transducer

Product Overview:

The TE   Sensor SQ   is used to measure and control the polishing pressure of the CMP.

At various stages in making a microchip, the surface of the wafer has to be made perfectly flat. This is done either to remove excess material,or to create a perfectly flat foundation for adding the next layer of circuit features. To do this, process chemical- mechanical planarization (CMP) remove sand planarizes excess material on the wafer’s front surface by applying precise pressure across the backside of the wafer and pressing the front surface against a rotating pad of special material that also contains a mixture of chemicals and abrasives.

Whole customized model.

Can be used for corrosive pressure media

Fast response time0.1ms.

Compact design, small size